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If you didn’t find your answer in our FAQs, please feel free to contact us. Send us your questions, concerns and/or feedback


Craving KFC? Visit our Find a KFC page. Your nearest KFC location is just a cluck away. (Get it? You get it.)
It’s definitely in the works. Your local KFC will be up and running on KFC.ca before you know it.
We like that you’re asking questions. But really, it’s because every KFC has a unique menu, and we use your address to match you to the menu of your local KFC.
It’s a participating locations sort of thing. Check in with your local KFC.
Kind of like a VIP pass for fried chicken offers. You can redeem your coupons in our Exclusive Online Deals page. We’ve applied the coupon code for you, so just add the offer right to your cart. You can print off Coupons to redeem at your local participating KFC if you prefer.
Easy! Just enter the code at the cart page before checkout. Simple as that.
Great call! Simply sign into your KFC VIP account and click “My previous orders” in your account homepage.
Totally. Once you’ve entered your address, click “change” at the top of the page to update the date and time details. You can also select a different restaurant.
A KFC VIP like you doesn’t need to wait in line. Our restaurants have signs that will point you to Online Pickup Area.
For sure, but we recommend picking up your order at the front counter, so you won’t have to wait in line. But if you decide to pick up in the drive thru, once you get to the speaker box, just let our team know that you’ve ordered ahead and would like to pick up your order.
You, friend, are a legit chicken lover and the reason why KFC catering is a thing! Many of our restaurants offer catering. Just call or visit your local KFC for more info.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your restaurant supplies Halal certified chicken.
You haven’t tried our Plant-Based KFC yet?! Some say it’s as delicious as our world-famous chicken. Try it alongside some of our other vegetarian-friendly sides and biscuits. View our Plant-Based FAQ for more.
Sharing is caring — and we care about what you’ve got to say. Go to our Contact Us page or fill out our guest experience survey. We read every word.


Look out for our confirmation email with the delivery and pickup time. We currently don’t have an online tracker right now. If you need assistance, call us at 1-866-532-4968.
We got you! Call our customer support line at 1-866-532-4968. It usually takes between 1 to 5 business days before you’ll see the refund in your account.
Forever ready to help with your chicken needs. Call our customer support line at 1-866-532-4968.
You’ll get an email with a confirmation. If you can’t find it, check your junk folder. If you still can’t find the email, call 1-866-532-4968.
We’ll do everything we can, that’s for sure. Please call our customer support line at 1-866-532-4968.
Our team is on your team. We’ll ensure your meal is kept hot and fresh! Please call your restaurant directly. You can find the phone number in the Find a KFC page or the confirmation screen when you first placed your order.


Most restaurants accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, AMEX, Apple Pay and Google Pay. We do not accept bank debit cards on KFC.ca and the KFC app at this time.
For sure. Save your payment info in your KFC VIP account page. Read our Privacy Policy for more
Super easy. Just go to your KFC VIP account, select ‘Saved payment details’ and hit delete on the payment method.
Wow, you give the BEST gifts, huh. Visit your nearest KFC location to inquire about gift cards. Only participating locations sell and accept gift cards.
You can check your card balance using our Gift Card page. It’s super easy.
We don’t accept cards online at the moment. But we’re on it.


Because access to great deals on chicken right in your inbox, that’s why! And we’d love you to be a member, obvs. Sign up today!”
It’s all to give you the best experience ever, so you can get the best fried chicken ever. And your info helps us do that. Read our Privacy Policy for the low down.
Read our Privacy Policy for more details on how we go the distance to keep your info safe.
Easy! Go to your KFC VIP account, and select “Saved contact details” to update your name and contact info.
All you have to do is go to your KFC VIP account and hit “Reset password”. Follow the instructions in the email to set a new password. Then you’re on your way to even more fried chicken goodness.
You sure can. Go to “Saved addresses” in your KFC VIP account page to add an address. It’ll be right there the next time you order. And the next. And the next. And the… you get it.
Miss you buckets already. Please use our Contact Us page to request to delete your account.
It’s where you get app-exclusive offers. Just click on the offer and we’ll apply the code at checkout. It’s kind of a big deal. But maybe that’s just us.
This isn’t goodbye, is it? You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of an email from us.

If you didn’t find your answer in our FAQs, please feel free to contact us. Send us your questions, concerns and/or feedback.

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